the company

PAYAM (YAM) region located in East Azerbaijan province, Iran, has been a pioneer in transportation industry in Iran. "Payam Trans International Transportation Company"  was established concerning to the potential of the region and the potency and experience of diligent drivers,  is operating in Road, Rail, and Sea sectors and provides logistics and customs services. The company employs experienced experts to ensure that clients achieve their business goals in the shortest possible time frame." PAYAM TRANS", as a member of International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), International Transport Companies Association of Iran (ITCA) and Iran’s Guild of Rail Transport Companies (RTCG), attempts to expand its regional level of “Supply Chain Management” and coincide with the international standards.


"PAYAM TRANS", along with its active representative offices located in different ports and cities of Iran is proud of offering services to the esteemed merchandisers with reasonable tariffs.

  • Head Office : Unit 2, No.118, Mozaffar St. Dameshgh St. Tehran, Iran

    Tel : +98 21 58725

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